Leanne Jamieson -Artist


Leanne Jamieson (b. South Australia, 1961), works as a part-time artist from Norseman and her homebased studio in Esperance.  She was educated across 4 Australian states before settling and raising  3 children (now all grown up) on Kangaroo Island, S.A.    

Working mainly in acrylics, pen and mixed media, key themes include landscapes / natural environment, boats /seascapes, historic structures/buildings.  She also enjoys photography and often develops  art /craft concepts from photographs taken on field trips or vacation. 

Other interests include textiles, recycling interesting objects, op-shopping, family history and web & graphic design. 













Recent works include

  • “Father and Son - Wharton Beach” (Acrylic on canvas, 75x60cm)
  • “Vast – Fraser Range & the Great Western Woodlands” (Acrylic on canvas, 91.5x122cm)
  • “Hidden Emus – Dundas” (Acrylic on canvas, 40x40cm)
  • “The Falie – American River, Kangaroo Island” (Acrylic on canvas, 80x40cm)
  • “Holga’s Boat & Dinghies – American River, Kangaroo Island” (Acrylic on canvas, 60x90cm)
  • “Hellfire Bay” (Acrylic on canvas, 30x60cm)
  • “The Blue Heeler” (Oil pastel on paper, 60x45cm)
  • "Matty" (Pencil sketch)

Current works

  • "Blue Granite - West Beach" (Acrylic on canvas 60x90cm)
  • “Esperance” (Acrylic on canvas, 45x60cm)
  • "Golden Shoalwater Bay" (Acrylic on canvas 80x40cm)
  • “Dinghy series” (Acrylic on canvas, each 20x25cm)


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